Hi Def Lipo

  • Harmonic vibration of hand piece produces a 3 direction movement at the tip of the cannula:¬† in/out, up/down, side/side
  • Fastest mechanism of infiltration in the world
  • Most efficient aspiration rate:¬† 3-6 Liters per hour
  • Vibration creates cannula course of 6-10 mm per stroke
  • Vibration decreases pain due to the Gate Control Theory of Pain
  • Ease of penetration through fibrous tissue, post surgical scars, and secondary liposuction¬†
  • Vibration of cannula maintains tissue integrity by not damaging supporting structures
  • Superior re-adaptation of skin due to stimulation of fibroblasts and mechanical skin tightening
  • No patient upper limit BMI
  • Vibration Assisted Liposculpture with no heat

Key Advantages for Physicians

  • 40% faster than other technology
  • Can treat any patient regardless of BMI
  • Remarkable de-bulking ability
  • High level of precision allows physician to focus on results
  • Significantly less fatigue
  • Re-treatments are reduced significantly

Competitive Edge

  • Safest product on the market for all patient types
  • Fastest infiltration and aspiration rate
  • No heat and no risk of burns
  • Lowest disposable cost in the industry
  • Increased patient tolerability
  • Increased volume per case
  • Less risk and increased safety because of shortened procedure time
  • Shorter total procedure time
  • Repetitive motion of hand piece yields exceedingly smooth results
  • Better penetration of fibrous tissue and scar tissue